This is the wiki’s Video and Image Policy. If you upload or use videos and images, the following conditions must be met.

  • High Quality videos are always preferred.
  • Official and/or Promotional Videos (PV) are the only ones allowed in the wiki.
  • For songs that don’t have a PV, user-made videos are allowed. However, these videos must only show the cover image of the single where the song belongs. Take note that the cover image must be shown throughout the duration of the video and must not have special effects. This is to give the video an official feel.
  • Always upload or use high quality images.
  • Files are preferred to be in PNG or JPEG format. GIF is only accepted if the image is from the official website.
  • Minimum image dimensions should be 300x300 pixels. This restriction does not apply to images from the official website.
  • Images from the manga should be RAW. If not, text in the bubbles and anywhere in the panel should be erased except for text that overlaps with the art.
  • Images from the anime should not have subtitles.
Image & Video Rules
  • Unused and duplicate files will be deleted.
  • Always categorize files properly. See Category:Images and Category:Videos for a complete list of image and video categories.
  • Edited images (except for resizing, cropping, blanking out) is not allowed.
  • Left, right, top, and bottom black bars in anime screenshots should be removed.
  • Rename the files before uploading.
  • For anime screenshots, always follow the format below in file naming. This rule is a must! Naming a screenshot with a character’s name is not acceptable.

    Ex. S1EP1-01     S1 – represents the anime season
                EP1 – the anime’s episode
                01 – the screenshot sequence

  • Do not upload or use images with wordmarks. However, any magazine scanned by a group that requires their permission to use their scans is an exemption.
  • If the image to be uploaded is of a higher quality than the one that already exists in the wiki, replace it. DO NOT UPLOAD SEPARATELY! This is to prevent duplication of images.
  • Renaming the files like a sentence is a big NO! NO! This rule is also a MUST!
  • Image Galleries should always be in center alignment.
  • Always posts images in their respective galleries.
  • No Fan Arts and AMVs. However, they are allowed in user pages provided that they are categorized under the category User (images) and User (videos).
  • Always license images with Fair Use (for CD/DVD cover image), CC-BY-SA (for anime, manga, and magazine scans), and ©UTA☆PRI PROJECT (for images from the official website).
  • License official videos with CC-BY-SA.
  • Being unable to follow or meet the conditions mentioned above will result to the deletion of the images and videos in question. Moving or renaming a file after uploading is not allowed because it might cause file naming conflicts later on.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.