Kanji うたの☆プリンスさまっ♪
Romaji Uta no☆Purinsu-sama♪ Maji LOVE 2000%
Translation Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE 2000%
Directed by Yuu Kou
Music by Elements Garden
Original Character Design Chinatsu Kurahana
Production A-1 Pictures
Licensed by Sentai Filmworks


Network TV Aichi, Tokyo MX, Mainichi Broadcasting System, BS11, AT-X
Original Run April 03, 2013 - June 26, 2013
Episodes 13

The second season of Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE 1000% that officially aired starting on April 08, 2013 under the title Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE 2000%.


Entering her Master's course, Nanami Haruka is facing an even more difficult time. And she isn't the only one. The main six members of ST☆RISH are assigned new seniors to watch over them! But the seniors aren't having the best attitudes about it.[1]

Theme Songs

Opening Theme

    Lyrics & Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu
    Arrangement: Fujita Junpei
    Artist: Miyano Mamoru

Ending Theme

    Lyrics & Composition: Agematsu Noriyasu
    Arrangement: Iwahashi Seima
    Artist: ST☆RISH (CV. Miyano Mamoru, Terashima Takuma,
          Suzumura Kenichi, Suwabe Junichi, Taniyama Kishow,
          Shimono Hiro, Toriumi Kousuke)


Episode List

Original Airdate
Poison KISS
   Op.1 ポワゾンKISS   
Powazon KISS
April 08, 2013

ST☆RISH had a successful debut, and now they are professionals! It's time for the Master Course. Haruka Nanami moves to the dorms and meets up with her ST☆RISH colleagues. They eventually meet up at their large training room, where Haruka gives everyone an individual song. Suddenly, the Shining Saotome arrives and introduces QUARTET NIGHT who perform the song "Poison Kiss."


Three members of QUARTET NIGHT become mentors to ST☆RISH. Reiji Kotobuki is assigned to Otoya Ittoki and Tokiya Ichinose, Ranmaru Kurosaki is assigned to Ren Jinguji and Masato Hijirikawa, and Ai Mikaze is assigned to Syo Kurusu and Natsuki Shinomiya. ST☆RISH learns that it won't be as easy as it seems, as they will be living with their superior mentors who have many rules for them. Meanwhile, Haruka finishes unpacking when she hears the black cat, Kuppuru. She is surprised and runs to find it, only to find Cecil. He greets her by kissing her on the hand and calls her "my beloved princess."[2]

April 15, 2013

Haruka finds herself meeting once again Cecil, who believes that Haruka is his savior and attempts to thank her with a kiss. Haruka wakes up back in her room and believes that her night with Cecil was all just a dream, but during her walk on the campus the next day, she hears a beautiful yet familiar voice. Meanwhile, ST☆RISH members also become aware of a melody being sung and see Haruka running towards the voice.


The voice turns out to be from Cecil. Upon Haruka and Cecil's reunion, he tries to kiss her once again, but all his attempts are blocked by the bursts of jealousy from the ST☆RISH members. Shining Saotome shows up and announces that he scouted Cecil and will be now joining the Master Course. Through a tea talk between the ST☆RISH members and Cecil, Camus of QUARTET NIGHT arrives, as he is assigned to be Cecil's mentor. However, Cecil has no interest in being an idol and only wishes to sing Haruka's songs. Camus, being annoyed by this, challenges Cecil and ST☆RISH to a training competition to demonstrate that there is more to singing songs and being an idol.[2]


   Op.3 TRUE WING   

April 22, 2013

Syo's dream of acting with his idol, Ryuya Hyuga, come true when he gets a role in the new Prince of Fights special. While the members of ST☆RISH think they've become full-fledged idols after releasing a CD and getting job offers, Shining Saotome tells them they are far from being true idols. Shining suggests that in order to become great idols, ST☆RISH must win the UtaPri Award but that won't be easy at their level of experience.


When filming for Prince of Fights begins, Syo is thrilled to be working with Hyuga. However, Hyuga blows off Syo's admiration for him, saying he needs to quit acting like an amateur now that he's a professional. Things go well until Syo is asked to jump from one platform to another at a great height, and while he has been cured of his acrophobia he fails to accomplish this - a crucial part of the show. Only later when Haruka brings him his change of clothes and ends up nearly falling over the ledge, does he finally make the jump to save her. The next day, when that scene is over and done with, Hyuga apologizes to Syo for not appreciating a fan, and comments that he is already a 'real man'.[2]

Cherry Blossoms of Love
   Op.4 恋桜   
Koi Sakura
April 30, 2013

Masato is invited to audition for the lead role in a historical play, Singing Swordsman of Justice. While everyone thinks this role is perfect for him, he takes the love scene in the script too seriously, saying there must be true love in order for a couple to embrace naturally. Even when ST☆RISH help him practice for the audition, he still can't pull off the love scene properly. Since Masato doesn't understand the true fundamentals of acting and performing,


this poses a threat to him passing the audition and to ST☆RISH's chance of winning the UtaPri award. Meanwhile, Cecil is still struggling with his idol training, and also wonders what makes ST☆RISH so special to Haruka. Cecil suggests to Masato that he imagines the woman he has to embrace at the audition as the one he loves, and he contemplates it together with the words of his late grandfather, ultimately coming to a decision. He passes the audition with flying colors, much to the relief of ST☆RISH.[2]


   Op.5 SMILE MAGIC   

May 07, 2013

ST☆RISH is very impressed with how much Otoya has improved with his singing, and they believe he has been doing voice training without them knowing because he disappears sometimes. Otoya later goes to appear on a variety show along with Cecil. When Cecil is asked to do impressions on the show, Otoya is worried that he will mess up since he isn't familiar with Japanese pop culture; but Cecil impersonates Shining Saotome and it's a big hit!


Later, Haruka gets lost on her way back to the agency and finds Otoya at a school. She finds out that he grew up there as an orphan and still goes to visit, which is why he's missing from the agency so often. The school is holding an annual bazaar with a haunted house, which Haruka and Otoya help out with. On the day of the bazaar no customers show up. When the kids start feeling down, Otoya tells them to cheer up and starts singing, and his song attract a crowd of customers.[2]

   Op.6 オレンジラプソディー   
Orenji Rapusodī
May 13, 2013

Ren is invited to be a model for the Japan Boys Collection fashion show. The show is sponsored by the Jinguji Group, which brings back unpleasant memories for Ren of how his brother, Seiichiro, made him become an idol to be a poster boy for the family business, and makes him think the show is just a way for the company to use him for their benefit. Haruka, Cecil and Tomochika attend the show, and not long into it there is a power outage.


Ren attempts to calm down the audience with the song Haruka wrote for him. With help from Haruka and Seiichiro, Ren's song lights up the hearts of his audience. After the show, Ren reconnects with his brother to find out he didn't force Ren to become an idol just to benefit the Jinguji Group, but because he loved his songs.[2]

Promise to SIRIUS
   Op.7 シリウスへの誓い   
SIRIUS e no Chikai
May 20, 2013

Natsuki gets a job for a gravure lipstick ad, unaware that it was actually meant for Natsuki's other personality, Satsuki, being scouted after the events of the HAYATO concert. Syo and Haruka reveal to the rest of ST☆RISH the truth about Natsuki's split-personality. Unable to attend the shoot, Syo asks Haruka to go along with Natsuki, much to the latter's delight. On the way to the job, he shows her his finished lyrics to her song and confesses his love for her. At the shoot, Natsuki feels discouraged when he cannot become the wild and fierce character that the photographer wants him to be. On the roof later with Haruka, Natsuki takes off his glasses, accidentally turning himself into Satsuki.


Satsuki voices his dislike for Haruka, claiming that she is only pretending to be kind to Natsuki and that he will protect Natsuki from getting hurt. Satsuki attempts to kiss Haruka once more, but is stopped by Syo, Otoya, and Tokiya's arrival. Recognizing Satsuki instantly, Syo, Otoya, and Tokiya, later joined by Ren and Masato, try to put Natsuki's glasses back on to return him to normal, but fail and are locked on the rooftop while Satsuki drags Haruka inside the building to take Natsuki's place during work. However, Haruka begs Satsuki to let Natsuki do the shoot on his own. Agreeing, Satsuki takes Cecil's sunglasses to voluntarily revert himself back to Natsuki, and Natsuki performs brilliantly during the shoot, impressing ST☆RISH, Haruka, and Cecil.[2]

FANTASIA of the Stars
   Op.8 星のファンタジア   
May 27, 2013

ST☆RISH, QUARTET NIGHT, Haruka and Cecil take a vacation at the Shining Agency's resort house. While the seniors and juniors enjoy their time off, Haruka is busy trying to write a new ST☆RISH song, but with not much success. The ST☆RISH boys find Cecil singing the tune to his song from Haruka, and they are all happy that he finally gets to sing one of Haruka's songs like he wanted to. However, Cecil has become conflicted about what he really aspires to do ever since he entered the agency. On her way to dinner, Haruka finds Cecil sitting alone. He suddenly pulls her into an embrace, saying he can't hold back his feelings anymore.


He confesses that he only ever wanted to make just her happy because he loves her, but he also wants to make other people happy. With that in mind, Cecil has decided to pursue becoming an idol. Haruka is thrilled by his choice and goes to tell everyone the news. Later that evening, Cecil prays to the Muses to give his song lyrics, and then sings the finished product, which draws ST☆RISH, Haruka and the seniors to where he is. ST☆RISH begins singing along with Cecil in perfect harmony, and Haruka realizes that she couldn't write a new song because it didn't include Cecil's voice before, thus she asks Cecil to become a member of ST☆RISH, to which he happily agrees. Not long after, Cecil receives a letter from the king of Agnapolis saying to return immediately and take over the throne.[2]


   Op.9 We are ST☆RISH   

June 03, 2013

Everyone is shocked to hear that Cecil has gone back to Agnapolis. While some think he might not return to Japan, others, especially Haruka, believe he will definitely come back. Haruka has also finished a new song for ST☆RISH to include Cecil's voice. The rest of ST☆RISH are excited to sing the new song, but can't without Cecil, so they begin writing the lyrics. Later, Shining Saotome makes a typical grand entrance along with Ringo and Ryuya to deliver the news that he's picked a new song for ST☆RISH from the ones he received previously, but Haruka insists he listens to the new song she wrote instead.


However, knowing that Cecil is gone, Shining refuses to accept any new changes because ST☆RISH has been nominated for the UtaPri award and threatens to decline their nomination if anyone trys to object his decision. But the boys are firm in wanting to only sing with Cecil from now on. Just then, Cecil returns and insists that Shining listens to Haurka's new song, knowing he will regret it if he doesn't. ST☆RISH performs "Maji Love 2000%", and win Shining's approval to become a new seven member group.[2]


   Op.10 CRYSTAL TIME   

June 10, 2013

HE★VENS gets a formal introduction as they accept their nomination for the UtaPri award. Not only is HE★VENS favored to win the award, but their boss is longtime rival on Shining Saotome, Raging Ootori. Shining makes the the competition more interesting by proposing both groups sing songs writting by the same composser, Haruka. Both Shining and Raging also threaten that the losing group will be disbanded!


This makes Haruka very worried about the fate of ST☆RISH, but the boys just become motivated not to lose. Later, ST☆RISH and HE★VENS finally meet each other in person outside a recording studio. The HE★VENS boys don't take too kindly to ST☆RISH, but are admittedly very impressed by Haruka's song for them and want her to become their composer, much to ST☆RISH's dismay. Thus, a heated rivalry is underway. That evening, back at the Shining Agency, Tokiya is singing his finished song from Haruka by the lake when he notices Haruka walking alone, looking rather troubled.[2]

Dreamer's Symphony
   Op.11 夢追人へのSymphony   
Yumeoibito he no Symphony
June 17, 2013

The thought of ST☆RISH possibly being disbanded has made Haruka become determined to write a song that can beat anything, which causes the ST☆RISH boys to become very worried about her. Tokiya invites Haruka to listen to the song she gave him, which he sang in an advertisement that is being played in the city. After the song finishes, Tokiya meets up with Haruka and takes her to a local festival. Haruka comments on how Tokiya's singing was different than usual in his song.


He says that because of her he found his true potential and he would do anything to sing her songs so his voice could make people happy. It's then that Haruka realizes she lost of what was really important in writing songs, which was to make people happy. Then the rest of ST☆RISH shows up and sing "Dreamer's Symphony". Haruka is moved by the beauty of the song and the boy's concern for her. She promises to put all her feelings into writing music from now on.[2]


   Op.12 HE★VENS GATE   

June 24, 2013

ST☆RISH is busy preparing for the UtaPri Award show, but Cecil is having trouble learning choreography because he's used to only dancing the Agnadance of his home country. Syo offers to teach Cecil how to dance, surpising everyone since they never got along initially. During this time, the seniors all have different reactions to the progress their juniors have made in such a short time. Reiji is impressed with how far ST☆RISH has come and also feels inspired to do more group work as QUARTET NIGHT.


Ranmaru initially rejects Reiji's idea of working together more as he prefers to work alone, but then contemplates what it means to have friends and be a group. Ai becomes worried about whether ST☆RISH can win the UtaPri Award, and Reiji points out that it is unusual for Ai to worry about others. With that in mind, Ai wonder's why he suddenly feels this way since worrying about and believing in others is a new feeling to him. Camus notices that everyone has changed ever since they heard ST☆RISH sing at the camp grounds, but he tries to remain ignorant of the situation thinking it has nothing to do with him.


On the day of the award show, Haruka runs into HE★VENS. Already confident that they will win, HE★VENS wants Haruka to give up on ST☆RISH and come with them, but Ranmaru stops them before they go any further. Before Haurka leaves, Ranmaru asks her what she thinks friends are, and she answers they they are people who feel each others passion, exactly what Reiji said to him earlier about working as a group. The show begins with HE★VENS singing "HE★VENS GATE", leaving everyone, even Haruka and ST☆RISH, in awe.[2]

Serious LOVE 2000%
   Op.13 マジLOVE2000%   
Maji LOVE 2000%
July 01, 2013

Episode Story:
With excitement and anticipation in the midst of the strange, swirling hype, the live performance face-off for the Uta☆Pri Award has finally begun. Now, we watch as the overwhelming live performance of HE★VENS unfolds.

In fact, the power and quality are great enough to leave ST☆RISH speechless, but with the feelings Haruka has given them, and the bonds of their friendship in their hearts, they turn towards the stage where their fans are waiting for them. Who will take the title of “Uta no☆Prince”…?![3][4]

Episode Summary:


After blowing everyone away way with their performance, HE★VENS announces that the competition is pointless, thinking they're going to win. Backstage, Raging Ōtori confronts Shining Saotome, thanking him for Haruka's impressive song. Saotome also thanks him for creating a wonderful arrangement out of her song, but that it lacked a special kind of wave; The Happy Pulse, something he's been researching for years. Meanwhile, Haruka is with ST☆RISH in their dressing room when HE★VENS show up in attempt to take her away, already convinced of their own victory. Haruka rejects them, saying only ST☆RISH can sings her song better than anyone. After lifting their spirits and hearing the audience chant for them, ST☆RISH go out and perform "Maji Love 2000%" (Serious Love 2000%).


Once finished, everyone at the concert becomes affected by the waves of The Happy Pulse. The votes are tallied and the winning group is ST☆RISH! Just as Raging Ōtori announces the dissolution of HE★VENS, ST☆RISH beg him to change his mind, saying there's no real winners or losers when it comes to music. Just then, Saotome swoops in and declares that along with winning the UtaPri award the winners are allowed to have a wish granted, so there is no need for HE★VENS to disband. ST☆RISH also request to sing another song along with the audience, so that everyone can be filled with more happiness. The episode ends with everyone singing "Maji Love 1000%" (Serious Love 1000%)[2]

Special Episode

Original Airdate
   Op.14 Shining Star Xmas   
December 25, 2013

Haruka is busy working at the agency so she can't help the idols with the preparations for the Christmas Party held by Shining Agency. A lot of memories and information are revealed while Starish is preparing for the party.[2]

Insert Songs


Poison KISS

(Kotobuki Reiji, Kurosaki Ranmaru, Mikaze Ai, Camus)


Aijima Cecil


Kurusu Syo

Koi Sakura

Hijirikawa Masato


Ittoki Otoya


Ittoki Otoya


Jinguji Ren

SIRIUS he no Chikai

Shinomiya Natsuki


Aijima Cecil

Maji LOVE 2000%
Piano ver.

(Ittoki Otoya, Ichinose Tokiya, Hijirikawa Masato, Jinguji Ren, Kurusu Syo, Shinomiya Natsuki, Aijima Cecil)


Ichinose Tokiya
10 & 11

Yumeoibito e no Symphony

(Ittoki Otoya, Ichinose Tokiya, Hijirikawa Masato, Jinguji Ren, Kurusu Syo, Shinomiya Natsuki, Aijima Cecil)


(Otori Eiichi, Mikado Nagi, Sumeragi Kira)
12 & 13

Maji LOVE 2000%

(Ittoki Otoya, Ichinose Tokiya, Hijirikawa Masato, Jinguji Ren, Kurusu Syo, Shinomiya Natsuki, Aijima Cecil)

Maji LOVE 1000% -RAINBOW STAR ver.-

(Ittoki Otoya, Ichinose Tokiya, Hijirikawa Masato, Jinguji Ren, Kurusu Syo, Shinomiya Natsuki, Aijima Cecil)

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