神宮寺 レン&桐生院ヴァン
Kanji マジLOVEレジェンドスター
神宮寺 レン&桐生院ヴァン
Romaji Maji LOVE Legendru Staru
Doeto Aidoru Songu
Jinguji Ren & Kiryuin Van
Translation Maji LOVE Legend Star
Duet Idol Song
Jinguji Ren& Kiryuin Van
Type Maji LOVE Legend Star Idol Song
Artist Jinguji Ren (Suwabe Junichi)
Kiryuin Van (Takahashi Hidenori)

The second CD of the Idol Song Series for the anime's fourth season, Uta no☆Prince-sama♪ Maji LOVE Legend Star, featuring Jinguji Ren voiced by Suwabe Junichi and Kiryuin Van voiced by Takahashi Hidenori. This CD was released on November 16, 2016.

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01. Lovely Eyes [3:28]

02. Give Me True Love [4:08]

03. My Cutie... Drive me Crazy [3:11]

04. Lovely Eyes (Off Vocal) [3:28]

05. Give Me True Love (Off Vocal) [4:08]

06. My Cutie... Drive me Crazy (Off Vocal) [3:11]

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