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ST☆RISH had a successful debut, and now they are professionals! It's time for the Master Course. Nanami Haruka moves to the dorms and meets up with her ST☆RISH colleagues. They eventually meet up at their large training room, where Nanami gives everyone an individual song. Suddenly, the President arrives and introduces QUARTET NIGHT who perform the song "Poison Kiss." Three members QUARTET NIGHT become mentors to ST☆RISH. Kotobuki Reiji is assigned to Ittoki Otoya and Ichinose Tokiya, Kurosaki Ranmaru is assigned to Jinguji Ren and Hijirikawa Masato and Mikaze Ai is assigned to Kurusu Syo and Shinomiya Natsuki. ST☆RISH learns that it won't be as easy as it seems, as they will be living with their superior mentors who have many rules for them. Meanwhile, Haruka finishes unpacking when she hears the black cat, Kuppuru. She is surprised and runs to find it, only to find Cecil. He greets her by kissing her on the hand and calls her "my beloved princess."