Shion Amakusa
Shion Amakusa
Amakusa Shion S4 E1
Kanji 天草シオン
Romaji Amakusa Shion
Birthday November 4
Horoscope Scorpio
Height 174 cm (5' 8)
Weight 55 kg (121 lb)
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Saotome Academy
Track Idol
Anime Debut Season 3: Episode 13
Seiyuu Yamashita Daiki

Shion Amakusa (天草シオン, Amakusa Shion) is a new member of the idol group HE★VENS introduced during the Super Star Sports competition. He is voiced by Daiki Yamashita (山下 大輝 Yamashita Daiki).


Shion has messy cream colored hair and periwinkle eyes. He wore a personalized HE★VENS uniform consisting of a black jacket and blue and yellow shirt.


Shion is a very quiet and introverted young man who finds it very difficult to communicate with others. The last member to join HE★VENS, Shion is highly devoted to his group, to the point where he made an oath with himself that he would only sing alongside his fellow members. He initially refused to sing with Cecil during their duet project, believing that doing so would make him "disloyal" to HE★VENS, but the two have since become much more friendly with one another, and Shion has become more open to creating music with others outside of his group.

Shion is very hard on himself and constantly feels that he needs to prove himself as a valuable member of the group. He is shown to be very emotionally fragile, and responds to stressful situations by having mental breakdowns and isolating himself, often by hiding in enclosed spaces (most frequently closets). Shion has a tendency to speak in a very poetic manner and uses lots of metaphors, often making it hard for others to understand what he means. Eiji has commented that when Shion becomes focused on something, he will completely ignore or forget his surroundings.

Shion can be very clingy and finds much comfort in cuddling with his fellow HE★VENS members, particularly Nagi, much to the latter's chagrin. Shion is almost always tired, and prone to falling asleep at random times and places.


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  • Like every member of HE★VENS, Shion has a designated theme color. His is periwinkle.
  • His ST☆RISH counterpart is Cecil Aijima.
  • His hometown is Nagasaki Prefecture. [1]
  • His hobby is bird watching. [1]
  • Whenever HE★VENS releases a new song, Shion has a habit of listening to it on repeat for an entire night.


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